Contribution of Corrosion to Sustainability

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and increasing restrictions on business travel, many researchers and developers have been unable to present their results to a global community at international congresses. In recent years, therefore, digital events such as webinars have become increasingly important. Webinars offer a convenient way to present scientific results and new technologies. Unfortunately, the discussion here is severely limited compared to a physical event. Furthermore, webinars often do not attract the attention of the global community as, for example, an international congress does.

The WCO has therefore decided to open its own digital platform where the Corrosion community can present their scientific contributions in the context of the topics of the UN Sustainability Goals. Building on the platform used for the digital Eurocorr conference, researchers and developers will be able to present their latest results in a digital presentation. Their presentation will be available at any time so that the content can be disseminated as widely as possible. Furthermore, communication options such as email, chat etc. are available to get in touch directly with the author. This is another advantage over a webinar where they usually have little interaction options.

The Platform will be launched with a big event on July 1, 2023. If you submit your contribution by 31 May, we can guarantee that your contribution will be available at the launch on 1 July and will benefit from the attention of the launch event.

And in the last week of November a digital summit will be organised where you as author can discuss directly with the community. During this week zoom sessions will be organised where all lectures will get a time slot to discuss with the community.
The community will have six months to submit contributions and then view them at their leisure in the run-up to the summit. These presentations will then be discussed at the summit.
The digital summit provides an opportunity for efficient preparation that an in-person congress does not offer.


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