Corrosion Awareness Day - Chemistry behind Corrosion

In context to Corrosion Awareness Day activities Pakistan Chapter of Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) in collaboration with Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering (IMME), Faculty of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of the Punjab, Lahore organized an event ‘Chemistry behind Corrosion’ with two sessions held on 19th & 21st, April 2022. The Corrosion Awareness Day is conducted on 24th April every year by leading International organizations active in the field of Corrosion Engineering.

The event was held to develop interest and awareness about the basics of corrosion engineering based on the fundamentals of electrochemistry to the undergraduate students of B.Sc Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. For this purpose, Ameeq Farooq, instructor of the Applied Chemistry course, delivered introductory presentation which highlighted the basis of electrochemistry like redox reactions, metal activity series, and displacement reactions etc. to the students. Briefly explained the electrochemical reactions which govern the corrosion mechanism and how the unique reactivity of every metal or alloy in a particular environment and helps engineers and experts in material selection and determining the corrosion mitigation methods. Few case studies were also shared with the students to assist them to have a better understanding of corrosion related practical problems being faced in industry and their mitigation techniques.

Next a lab demonstration was conducted based on the NACE Corrosion Tool Kit (cKit) format. The different models were displayed highlighting corrosion mitigation systems, corrosion clock and activity series of metals were shown to the students. The research students Muhammad Hairs Qureshi, Muhammad Usama Yameen, Sami-ur-Rehman, Umair Altaf, Khawar Hussain and Muzaffar Ahmed Zaffar explained the basic working mechanism. This was followed by interactive session students raised inquisitive questions and researchers satisfied them by highlighting the basic principles of corrosion mechanism. This activity generated a healthy atmosphere and encouraged them to seek more knowledge of the subject.

Pakistan Chapter of AMPP was represented by Mr. Shafqat Ali who attended the event and appreciated the support provided by IMME and Ameeq Farooq for organizing this event for spreading awareness of corrosion engineering among the future engineers. The Director of IMME Prof. Dr. Mohsin Ali Raza was present during the session and appreciated the efforts of instructor and research student on organizing this excellent event. He also thanked Mr. Shafqat Ali for making time to attend the event. At the end of the session, a quiz was conducted and top scorer was awarded with certificate. The top scorer was Farrukh Mahboob, Shahzeen Iqbal, Hassan Ahmed and Minahil Zahra.



Ameeq Farooq delivering the introductory lecture to the students

3Muhammad Haris Qureshi introducing the sacrificial cathodic system, for protection of ship hull

4Muhammad Usama Yameen highlighting about the cathodic protection of rebars on offshore plateform

5Sami-ur-Rehman advising the students about the impressed current cathodic protection system installed for buried pipelines

6Khawar Hussain detailing the students about the impressed current cathodic protection system for storage tank bottom plate

7Umair Altaf explained about the activity series and reactivity of different metals

8Muzaffar Ahmed Zaffar explained about the working of corrosion clock

9Group Photo of the Session



(Author/Resource Person: Ameeq Farooq, Secretary, Pakistan Chapter AMPP & Lecturer, Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, University of the Punjab, Lahore)

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