Corrosion Awareness Day, 24th April

Corrosion Awareness Day highlights the estimated US$2.5 trillion annual cost of corrosion worldwide (3 to 4% of GDP of industrialized countries) reflecting in part many decision-makers in industry and government not fully understanding the consequences of corrosion and how critical it is to control it.

Events in 2024

April 10 Poland Photo Competition Corrosion Around Us Silesian University of Technology
April 15-19 Canada Scavanger Hunt Corrosion Scavanger Hunt Infinity Growth
April 22, 24 Pakistan Symposium Chemistry behind Corrosion   University of the Punjab / AMPP Pakistan Chapter
April 24 Europe Webinar Corrosion Engineering vs. Corrosion Management Young EFC
April 24 Germany Photo Competition Give Your Surface a Challenge Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung
April 24 Germany Photo Competition Afraid of Corrosion? Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung
April 24 Netherlands Webinar Addressing Corrosion Challenges in the Energy Transition Bond voor Materialenkennis
April 24 Pakistan Photo Competition Corrosion Photographic Competition University of the Punjab / AMPP Pakistan Chapter
April 24 Poland Symposium CorrDay 2024 Silesian University of Technology
April 24 South Africa Workshop Mastering the ABCs of Corrosion Control Corrosion Institute of Southern Africa
April 24 Spain Lab Visit   Unlocking the Secrets of Corrosion! Universidad Complutense de Madrid
April 24 Sweden Webinar Corrosion Awareness Day 2024 Swerim
April 24 Switzerland Symposium Swiss Corrosion Science Day 2024 SIKA Technology
April 24 UK Symposium World Corrosion Awareness Day University of Manchester / ICorr NW Branch
April 24 Portugal Symposium New Challenges Portuguese Engineers Society, Lisbon
April 24-25 China Symposium 3rd Corrosion Control Forum & WCO Corrosion Awareness Day 2024 Institute of Corrosion Science and Technology
April 25 Switzerland Webinar Is Copper a Safe Canister Material For Longterm Storage Of Nuclear Waste? EFC WP4
April 25 India Workshop Research Dissmenation Workshop Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, National Institute of Technology Andhra Pradesh
April 25 UK Webinar A Look at Corrosion Science and Engineering: Materials and Coatings Research by the Materials Innovation Centre Materials Innovation Centre
May 17 UK Photo Competition Corrosion Photo Competition University of Manchester


Events Overview


Upcoming events

01.09.2024 - 05.09.2024 / Paris, France


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