Corrosion Awareness Day 2018

April 24th is Corrosion Awareness Day

Did you know that corrosion costs us an astounding US 2.5 trillion dollars globally?

Not to mention corrosion can cost lives and jobs…..

Corrosion Awareness Day highlights the estimated US$2.5 trillion annual cost of corrosion worldwide (3 to 4% of GDP of industrialized countries) reflecting in part many decision-makers in industry and government not fully understanding the consequences of corrosion and how critical it is to control it.

However, the potential to reduce that cost by $875 billion annually through appropriate application of existing corrosion abatement technologies is readily achievable through access to and use of highly experienced corrosion professionals, harmonizing standards, along with continuing education and training all underpinned by promoting greater corrosion awareness.

This year, to raise awareness of corrosion and the problems that it causes in conjunction with aspects of process safety in the chemical industry, WCO Director General Willi Meier gave a presentation at the 2018 Europe Regional TSC Meeting for CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety) in Paris titled “Learning from incidents:  Hydrogen Embrittlement Incident”. Attendees at this presentation learnt of the importance of good material selection, process controls, and regular inspection of equipment. When proper safety considerations and controls are established, the risk of hydrogen embrittlement failures is greatly reduced. His presentation was well received and roused interesting discussion at its conclusion and highlighted the need for closer cooperation between CCPS and the WCO.

If you were able to participate in and/or organize events for Corrosion Awareness Day this year we would love to hear from you! Contact us at  with photos/links of your events and we will post them here on our page.

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