Corrosion Awareness Day 2019


This year’s Corrosion Awareness Day saw a hive of activities around the globe. WCO President Damien Féron was extremely active giving presentations in China and then in France.

WCO Past President Prof. En-Hou Han organized a great event from 22 to 24 April in Shenyang, China. WCO President Damien Féron visited China for the event and was impressed by the number of participants, the diversity of them (from academics to around 10-year-old pupils) and the quality of the conferences, of the posters and of the corrosion experiments (see PDF file here). At the end of this event and at the initiative of Prof. En-Hou Han, they wrote and signed what was called the “WCO Shenyang declaration”. A copy of the document can be found here.

Further events were organized in France, Spain, Israel, South Africa, Pakistan, Portugal and the USA.  We have collated the best images from the events and put them into a gallery here.

Corrosion Awareness Day 2019 is in full swing!

Corrosion Awareness Day is in full swing yet again. On the 24th April each year Corrosion Awareness Day highlights the enormous costs associated with corrosion worldwide (3 to 4% of GDP of industrialized countries). For the first time, this year a webinar was organized where participants from around the world logged in and were able to  follow two presentations and interact with the online global community. WCO Director General Prof. Willi Meier presented the state of the art concerning corrosion and digitalization, which will pave the way for the WCO session at the EUROCORR conference in Seville in September this year. Furthermore, he emphasized the collaboration between WCO and Elsevier concerning corrosion information platforms on the internet.

In the second presentation, Roman Bender gave a state of the art address on online corrosion databases that are available and the requirements for comprehensive, quality data.

Willi said the webinar was an extremely successful event and is looking forward to seeing many of you in Seville later this year.

If you were able to participate in and/or organize events for Corrosion Awareness Day this year we would love to hear from you! Contact us at  with photos/links of your events and we will post them here on our page.

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